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GC Advocate Benefits

When you sign up as a GC Advocate, you will:

  • Receive a GC Referral Code (Unique to You):
    • Acts as a COUPON CODE for you and others to SAVE $40 CDN during registration with any 4-Session Online Workshop
    • No Cookies Require
    • Unlimited Use
    • Never Expires
    • Invitee Tracking
  • Have a Work-From-Home Opportunity to Help Spread the Word Online and Offline:
    • GC Advocate Reward of $ 80 CDN per Invitee Registration
    • GC Advocate Reward of $400 CDN BONUS after 5 Invitee Registrations
    Note: For a Total of $800 CDN after 5 Invitees Register (5 x $80 CDN + Bonus of $400 CDN)

  • Have a GC Advocate Dashboard to View Your Registered Invitees, Earnings and Payments

  • Have a Variety of Creative Assets for Promoting Online and Offline

  • Get Paid Every Month, and

  • Appreciate and Enjoy How YOU are HELPING ADULTS to Find Work-From-Home!

New TUTOR Benefits

When your Invitees register with an upcoming Online Workshop, as a new Tutor they will:

  • Receive a $40 CDN DISCOUNT towards any 4-Session Online Workshop with your GC Referral Code.

  • Have a Work-From-Home Opportunity Tutoring Children

  • Learn & Share How to Become an Explorer (Armchair Travel)

  • Gain a Strong Knowledge of World Geography (FUN Hobby!) for Themselves and Their Families

  • Have a Business Coach (One-Time Fee of $480 CDN)

  • Earn Income with Work They Love, and

  • Understand and Enjoy How They are Helping to EMPOWER CHILDREN in Their Community!

CHILD Benefits

What difference will a Tutor for World Geography make in your community?

  1. Child Education
                   MENTAL MAP of the World!

  2. Child Empowerment
                   Knowledge is POWER!

  3. Child Passion
                   Joy of EXPLORING!