About GC Advocate Payments

GC Advocate payments are paid via PayPal.

Important! Please ensure that the PayPal account you are using is active and accessible to you prior to registering. We cannot pull back and reissue funds if they are sent to the wrong address for any reason.

When you sign up as a GC Advocate, you will automatically receive a GC Referral Code unique to you. Your GC Referral Code acts as a DISCOUNT CODE for your Invitees to save $40 CDN for a 4-Session Online Workshop. Once they register, your GC Referral Code also acts as a TRACKING CODE that ties that Invitee to you. Your GC Advocate account will list your Invitees, their Registration Dates and their 4-Session Online Workshop.

In the month that your Invitee completes Session 4 of the 4-Session Online Workshop, is the month that your payment will accrue.

Payments are sent within 15 days after the month they accrue.

After every five GC Advocate payments, you are entitled to a BONUS payment of $400 CDN. GC Advocates may login to their GC Advocate account and request their BONUS payment under 'BONUS Points'. BONUS payments are sent within 15 days from the date of the request.