Geography Coach (GC) Advocate Program

To learn about the GC Advocate Program, let's first answer a few questions:

Why Geography?

Do you have a strong knowledge of World Geography?

If not, 'why not?' Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If you have a strong knowledge of World Geography, have you ever wondered why you are witnessing others struggle when asked where is Ethiopia, Iran or Sweden?

Sure, they are 'somewhere over there' on another continent.

We are NOT pointing fingers. Everyone has a different benchmark on their knowledge of World Geography.

"Most people know of
the Himalayas and the Pacific Ocean.

But, most people don't know where the
Himalayas are in relation to the Pacific Ocean."

But it is TIME FOR CHANGE ... it is time we ALL work together, and we ALL have a strong knowledge of World Geography!

Geography Coach's MISSION

Geography Coach's MISSION is to bring awareness of this paradox of geographic illiteracy to ALL individuals, families and communities across Canada, the USA and around the World. And, we have the TOOLS to turn it around QUICKLY.

How would you feel, if in one year, YOU and YOUR FAMILY knew all the countries, their flags, their capital cities, their major cities and their neighbouring countries?

And, how would you feel, if additionally, in one year, you knew what major physical features, for example, what river systems, major lakes, mountain ranges, deserts, seas, gulf, bays, etc. formed part of each country.

Many people think of World Geography as a higher education. BUT, we want people to look at World Geography as a FUN HOBBY, like scrapbooking.

It's SIMPLE and it's FUN. And the results are IMMEDIATE!

How do we turn geographic illiteracy around QUICKLY?

By simultaneously:

And, at Geography Coach, we have the tools and know-how.

Who do you know who loves to EMPOWER CHILDREN and would like to earn extra income a month?

Do you know:

A person can start with zero knowledge of World Geography, and with 4 Sessions (2-hours each), they will know how to teach themselves World Geography and they will be equipped with a Home-Based Business tutoring children World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and earning income.

How much income can a Tutor for World Geography (FUN Hobby!) earn?

They can earn $400 per client (or per family). Even if they tutor 1 child a month, $400 is nice extra income a month!

In a 4-Session Online Workshop (an online course), we show people, across Canada, the USA and around the World, who love to empower children, how to LEARN World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and how to SHARE World Geography (FUN Hobby!) with children.

To learn more about the features and benefits of our 4-Session Online Workshop (an online course), click here.

If you are unhappy with your knowledge of World Geography or shocked by the geographic illiteracy in North America and around the World, please be a GC Advocate. We have the tools to turn this around quickly and we need your help to spread the word. Tell Family, Friends and Social Media Friends. Give them your GC Referral Code.

Why the GC Advocate Program?

We Have the Tools to Help You

Join us in our MISSION to bring World Geography (FUN Hobby!) into homes and communities across Canada, the USA and around the World and help spread the word. No Cost to Sign Up, Work-From-Home Opportunity and Training is Provided.

Sharing is Caring!

Communities need World Geography Tutors.

Be Part of the Solution!

Be an Advocate!

Have FUN Spreading the Word!

Invite Family and Friends to Spread the Word!

Who can participate in the GC Advocate Program and obtain a GC Referral Code?

Anyone over 18 years of age.

Its FREE and you are doing:

  • Yourself
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Social Media Friends, and
  • Planet Earth

a great service!

When children learn World Geography, they will be ambassadors for Planet Earth.

GC Advocate Benefits

When you sign up as a GC Advocate, you will:

  • Receive a GC Referral Code (Unique to You):
    • Acts as a COUPON CODE for others to SAVE $40 CDN during registration with the 4-Session Online Workshop
    • No Cookies Required
    • Unlimited Use
    • Never Expires
    • Invitee Tracking
  • Have a Work-From-Home Opportunity to Help Spread the Word Online and Offline:
    • GC Advocate Reward of $80 CDN per Invitee Registration
    • GC Advocate Reward of $400 CDN BONUS after every 5 Invitee Registrations
    Note: For a Total of $800 CDN after 5 Invitees Register (5 x $80 CDN + Bonus of $400 CDN)

  • Have a GC Advocate Dashboard to View Your Registered Invitees, Earnings and Payments

  • Have a Variety of Creative Assets for Promoting Online and Offline

  • Get Paid Every Month, and

  • Appreciate and Enjoy How YOU are HELPING ADULTS to Find Work-From-Home!

New TUTOR Benefits

When your Invitees register with the Online Course, as a new Tutor, they will:

  • Receive a $40 CDN DISCOUNT towards the 4-Session Online Workshop with your GC Referral Code.

  • Have a Work-From-Home Opportunity Tutoring Children

  • Learn & Share How to Become an Explorer (Armchair Travel)

  • Gain a Strong Knowledge of World Geography (FUN Hobby!) for Themselves and Their Families

  • Earn Income with Work They Love, and

  • Understand and Enjoy How They are Helping to EMPOWER CHILDREN in Their Community!

CHILD Benefits

What difference will a Tutor for World Geography make in their community?

  1. Child Education
                   MENTAL MAP of the World!

  2. Child Empowerment
                   Knowledge is POWER!

  3. Child Passion
                   Joy of EXPLORING!